Volunteer Opportunities

MKE Black is seeking two volunteers to join our executive team. Each position will require a 3-6 hour a week commitment, and has the opportunity to be compensated in the future.

Fundraising/Fund Development Specialist

  • Researches and identifies opportunities to raise money for MKE Black.
  • Facilitates and maintains connections to prospective donors
  • Works with other team members to plan and execute fundraising events

Corporate Engagement Specialist

  • Promotes MKE Black to corporate parties and facilitates the development of relationships/ sponsorship for MKE Black
  • Facilitates connections between Black Owned Businesses (BOBs) and interested corporate (>50 employees) parties
  • Develops materials/ training supplements to aid BOBs in Business 2 Business (B2B) engagement and development
  • Maintains list of corporate partners interested in working with BOBs

Continuous Improvement Specialist

  • Designs surveys for businesses and consumers to identify interest/  desires as MKE Black grows/ develops
  • Engages with BOBs and diverse consumers one 2 one and in small groups to identify key interest/ opportunities to further develop 
  • Produces data summaries/ analysis to help in driving technological, partnership, outreach, and event actions of MKE Black
  • Reviews MKE Black Events and identifies opportunities for improvements via root cause studies.

Cooperative Development Specialist

  • Develops and provides educational materials and trainings about cooperatives
  • Facilitates the development of cooperative businesses in Milwaukee
  • Researches funding opportunities for new cooperatives

Business Development Specialist

  • Researches/ Identifies resources to share with 
  • Consolidates data and feedback from business to develop next steps/ engagement plan.
  • Schedules Group meetings with external businesses.
  • Creates plans to engage individual businesses to identify needs

Integrated Technology Specialist

  • Works with businesses to develop and integrate new technology
  • Assists MKE Black and other businesses with creating and maintaining web presence

General Volunteers

  • Duties & projects as assigned by staff members that may include: event planning and producing, community outreach and technical assistance

Please send inquires to contact@mkeblack.org