Building Partnerships to Help Black-Owned Businesses Thrive

MKE Black has partnered with NextSeed to help support Black owned businesses in Milwaukee. There are many ways to help your community thrive, whether you are starting or operating a business, looking to invest in a new venture, or have time and expertise to offer. See below for how you can help, or how we can help you!

For the Business Owner

Established, new or in the works? NextSeed and MKE Black can support you!

Free Advertising

Select “MKE Black” under Partner Page option

Follow Instructions at each step, adding pictures, bios, and PERSONALITY!

Submit your form and wait to hear back from a NextSeed representative when the page is ready to be live!

Funding Opportunities

Submit an application to receive funding.

Business Resources

Connect to resources who can help you build your business plan and network in the Milwaukee area.

Expanding Businesses

Become the Next Local Investment! NextSeed offers access to a diverse pool of investors and business specialists who can choose you as their next local investment. Raise capital to make your vision a reality! Learn about the process and apply online!

For Specialized Volunteers

Help Black owned businesses thrive with legal and web development assistance. Empower families of all colors to build wealth and financial safety. Create a space where your dollar helps build your local community.

Legal Professionals

You can use your expertise to keep Black owned businesses’ proprietary information safe, volunteers protected financially and personally, and MKE Black operating at its best!

Who – Lawyers, Paralegals, Judges, Human Resources Professionals

What – Create forms and advise in volunteer and businesses protection

When – Now!

Est. Time Commitment1-3 hrs/week

Web Designers

Create customizable websites that support local businesses. Raise Black owned businesses’ voices online. Grow diversity’s prevalence at the forefront of digital innovation.

Who – Web Developers, Digital Marketers, Tech Wizards!

What – Partner with a local business to help develop a modern, user-friendly internet presence

When – Once connected with a specific business, complete project within 10-14 business days

Est. Time Commitment – Whatever you can offer!

For General Volunteers

Help black-owned businesses thrive by reviewing business plans and promoting their business. Empower families of all colors to build wealth and financial safety. Create a space where your dollar helps build your local community.

Review Business Plans

Who – Finance, Consulting, Accounting, Marketing, Administration, Operations, Management, Sales, Team Leads, Human Resources Professionals

What – Review business plan drafts from local businesses and provide feedback to make stronger/more robust

When – When a business plan is received, requesting a 5-7 business day turn around

Est. Time Commitment – 1-3 hrs/week

Spread the Word

Visit MKE Black and share on any platform you can. By sharing you can expose other businesses to NextSeed who can use their services.

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