American Design

Architectural services

(414) 446-3715

Bridge Builders Milwaukee

Residential revitalization

(262) 372-1564

Dream Builders

Architecture, planning, and education services

(414) 731-7184

M&E Architects + Engineers

Architectural and engineering services

(414) 690-1256

Master & Commander Architects

Architectural and planning

(312) 809-7004

Construction & Supplies

Ace of Trades

General contractors providing discounted services throughout the Milwaukee area. Specializing in home improvements, including carpentry, drywall, roofing, fencing, painting, and landscaping

Equity Supply Group

Waterproofing and construction material

(414) 316-4025

The Glass Company

Residential and commercial glass repair, installation, and more

(414) 751-7401

In and Out Services

Property improvement, commercial cleaning, and property management services

(414) 882-0500

JCP Construction

Construction services

(414) 372-7300

Master Masons

Masonry construction company

(414) 712-5095


Technology and electrical services

(414) 202-4385

Midwest Construction & Management Services

Specializes in concrete, painting, and floor services

(414) 209-5510

Vinii Solar & Electric

Electrical Construction company with WISDOT Street Light installation experience. We install Street Lights, install & upgrade Lighting Systems for Government agencies & companies.

(414) 219-9084

Moving & Removal Services

GreenLight E Recycling

Removes, destroys any and all electronics from local and surrounding areas

(262) 583-0548

In and Out Express

Residential and commercial moving services

(414) 882-0500

Power Moves MKE

Full service moving company. Providing moving services in the Milwaukee area. Specializing in long-distance moves.

(414) 243-9871

Smith Brothers Junk Removal

Large and small junk removal services

(262) 613-7596

Super Expedite LLC

Cargo and freight moving company.

(414) 522-6177

Real Estate

iDeal Realty

A full service residential real estate firm.

(414) 248-5437

My Favorite Realtor

Alex Edwards (Boardwalk Realty)

(414) 215-1143

One 5 Olive

Real estate development and investment company.