MKE Black is led by a Steering Committee of dedicated volunteers who donate over 5 hours per week to to the daily running of the organization. They are:

Ayrton Bryan

Executive Director

Ayrton is a recent transplant to Milwaukee, but has already grown to love and value the many faces of the city. A practitioner of Servant Leadership and Mindfulness, he is eager to serve the Black Community and to bring others together to see, celebrate, and support Black Excellence. (One of) His favorite quotes: “A rising tide lifts all boats”. That mantra guides his passion for collaboration and community building.

Rick Banks

Rick Banks is a Milwaukee native who’s worked as an activist and an organizer in Milwaukee since 2010. He works professionally as the Director of African American-American Affairs for Milwaukee County. He defines his personal mission as the political and economic development of Black people in Milwaukee.

Solana Patterson-Ramos

Solana Patterson-Ramos is a political activist born and raised in Milwaukee. She has more than 10 years of experience in community outreach focusing on youth, LGBTQ, and civic engagement in the Black Community.

Mina Mungekar

Mina is a technical product manager with a background in electrical engineering and computer science. She is active in a wide variety of diversity and inclusion initiatives and has participated in everything from STEM-related projects in collaboration with local schools to employee resource groups (ERGs) within her workplace. She spends her time writing, learning new dance styles, drinking copious amounts of tea, and trying not to kill her plants.

Kim Erdman

Kim Erdman is an Event & Sales Planner in the downtown Milwaukee area and a student majoring in Marketing and Event Management. She is a driven community activist who is committed to showcasing cultural diversity, aiming to achieve positive social change. She enjoys volunteering, hiking, being outdoors and traveling.


Much of the work of MKE Black is now also done in committees of volunteers. They are:

Development Committee

Finance & Operations Committee

Engagement & Communications

Maintains the financial sustainability of the organization by securing partnerships, grants and other resources.

Charged with monitoring and improving the internal spending & operating procedures of the organization.


Coordinates and supports MKE Black’s external programming, marketing & events.

If you are interested in joining a committee, please email us at